Adorable! Husky Puppy Finds His Voice

How CUTE!! I used to have a husky and she would talk to me all day about all sorts of things and this little husky pup reminded me of her!

Pickles The Three Foot Cat Is Huge

Pickles is one big kitty. Barcroft TV reports that the rescue cat weighs a gigantic 21 pounds and is 40 inches long.

Raccoon Loves Popping Bubble Wrap As Much As We Do

Ahh, the joys of popping bubble wrap. Apparently, we aren’t the only ones who love to pop the plastic air bubbles.

Goats Having a Good Time

Watch how these cute goats are having a good time playing on a flexible steel ribbon.

Marmoset Triplets

When a mother marmoset has triplets, all of them are at risk of starvation or neglect. For one lucky baby marmoset, the solution is to be raised by a human.

Baby Rhino Running Is The Cutest

Baby Rhino Running Is The Cutest

Baby Rhino Running Is The Cutest

This older video by Smithsonian Channel is simply too cute to pass up.

After a poacher killed her mother, baby rhino calf Shangi was rescued by a caring wildlife veterinarian who took the place of her mom.

Once her wounds were healed, Shangi needed some exercise, so she and her new ‘mom’ went for an adorable run.


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Blind Couple Marry After Their Guide Dogs Became Inseparable‏

This is an amazing story about a lady named Claire Johnson, 50 and a man named Mark Gaffey, 52 both from Hanford, Stoke-On-Trent in the UK who found love whilst on a Guide Dog training course.